I don't think there is a problem with giving edit-text the additional 
parameters, but we may want to give it an alias so that you can use the 
edit-text widget or you can use the range widget (or whatever name is 
appropriate) because ease of use is important and to someone who doesn't 
know what the input html tag is having the two as the same widget would be 
a bit confusing.

I think that you could do an alias like this by just adding another 
module.exports line at the bottom of the file, but we would want to have 
different default behaviour for each one. Which may twist back around to 
just having separate widgets.

I will try to poke this a bit today because I am avoiding doing my phd 
work. A pull request to just add the parameters to the edit-text widget is 
probably a good idea regardless of if there is also another widget.

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