Another Update in this Quest

I am now running a local nodeJS instance of tiddlywiki on each of my 
windows machines (and incidently my Android phone). I use windows scheduler 
to launch the nodeJS instance on startup so the server is available before 
I login. If I am logged in the variouse UNC and File or folder links are 
processed by the firefox addon "Local file system links" and will open a 
windows explorer windows on folders direct from a click in tiddlywiki. If 
browsing a folder from inside firefox I can click on a known file type and 
it opens in the app eg; Office 365 apps, if the filetype is unknown I can 
r-click > Link Addon > Open containing folder and simply pressing enter 
will launch the program or the filetype associated program.  

Using the Family tree stylesheet I have now created a simple map of Network 
locations eg;

Now combined with my aformentioned OS Command execution I am well on the 
way to making the Desktop Interactive TiddlyWiki.


On Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 7:33:15 PM UTC+10, TonyM wrote:
> Hi all in this wonderful community,
> I have only recently started to get serious with TW5 after years of 
> TiddlyWiki Classic.
> I just wanted to put it out there and seek your input to my current 
> project, building "Windows Desktop Interactive TiddlyWiki's", by which I 
> mean that I am using TiddlyWiki 5 instances to build and support my use of 
> the Windows desktop environment. Managing folders and their contents, 
> documenting file locations, network locations, Network devices, 
> highlighting important documents and settings, even launching applications 
> or documenting troubleshooting tips and settings. The idea includes the 
> creation of what I call Micro-sites using tiddlywiki for whatever I fancy.
> You could say I want to enable TiddlyWiki to become a "first class 
> citizen" when it comes to the Local operating system.
> *My setup*
> My preferred browser is FireFox but I use Chrome as well.
> I have a node.JS install, but also independent wikis. 
> Please let me know your thoughts and any inspiration you have, along with 
> plugins and tips you think may add value.
> *Examples so far*
>    - Using standard TiddlyWiki external Links I can document the Web 
>    admin addresses of routers, open and read text and config files.
>    - Using Import, Drag and Drop I can document setting and text files 
>    and more
>    - From inside TiddlyWiki or the Browser session, I can browse the file 
>    system, open file and network locations in Windows Explorer, and Microsoft 
>    Office application documents (any registered file types from inside 
> FireFox.
>       - Using the FireFox "Local File System Links" Add-on/extension, 
>       With the execute files option checked (not wise browsing the internet) 
>       - I can launch native applications
>          - Launch batches, and Presumably power-shell scripts
> *Some things I would like to do,*
>    - Include an image of a Graphical map of my network with hotspot 
>    clicks to go to that device, backed up by device info and settings
>    - Build a open tasks related apps menu
>    - Nice Graphical application launcher
> Of course I will share back my progress and consolidated findings to the 
> community
> Thanks in Advance
> TonyM

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