On Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 11:26:28 AM UTC+2, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> *I've partly answered my own question.* It will work using ID's in TW but 
> only so long as the Tiddler containing the source SVG is also open. Once 
> its closed the href's from any other Tiddler to it expire. I don't have the 
> skill to figure out how to programmatically deal with this or even if you 
> can.

Yea ... I did play with this setting on TiddlySpace some years ago. So I 
wasn't sure, if this still happens. ..

> BUT I'm wondering if there is a way to transclude a multiple "symbol" SVG 
> into a tiddler so its hidden but still fully "alive". That might work for 
> the use case since the "symbol set" in only for use in one Tiddler a time 
> anyway. Just not sure what would happen if you had two Tiddlers open both 
> of which had the same "symbol set" SVG ... In effect having the same ID in 
> two places at once (albeit with identical content). 

You can add those tiddlers at the end of the story and hide them. ... BUT 
... You'll probably experience a lot of browser quirks. ... Some browsers 
also add the "hidden" attribute to the referenced content. ... So you won't 
see it. .. .Some browsers don't. It may also create unwanted white space on 
some browsers.

Causing too much problems, I did abandon this approach. ... For me it 
wasn't worth the trouble and it doesn't save space anyway. 

have fun!

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