I'll answer my own question :) one way is to use 'rgba', like this 
- rgba(52,200,52,0.2) where the last value it the alpha. Should also be 
able to use 'hsl' but that doesn't seem to work (?)

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 10:20:35 PM UTC+10, RichardWilliamSmith 
> Hi Mat,
> What would you put it if you wanted it only 50% transparent 
> (~translucent). It seems like 4/8 digit codes (with alpha channel in the 
> last 1/2) are part of the css 4 spec, but don't seem to be implemented 
> right now (?)
> Richard.
> On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 9:44:55 PM UTC+10, Mat wrote:
>> charleyc...@gmail.com wrote:
>>> Everything white being translucent. Or dark grey, in my case (custom 
>>> palette).
>> Ok, then you can go to that custom palette and simply locate the color 
>> fields that have that dark gray color code, and exchange the color code for 
>> the word *transparent*. I think that should work. Because the changes 
>> apply "live", you'll see exactly which parts of the tiddlers that are 
>> affected.
>> If you want your transparent palette to be a separate palette, as opposed 
>> to modifying your current custom one, you can locate the custom palette 
>> itself and make a copy that you rename to transluscent, apply it, and make 
>> the changes there instead.
>> <:-)

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