On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 5:50:34 AM UTC-7, RichardWilliamSmith wrote:
> I'll answer my own question :) one way is to use 'rgba', like this 
> - rgba(52,200,52,0.2) where the last value it the alpha. Should also be 
> able to use 'hsl' but that doesn't seem to work (?)

The values for HSL are 
  hue = 0 to 360
  saturation = 0% to 100%
  lightness = 0% to 100%

Like this:

You can also use HSLA, which includes an "alpha channel" value between 0 
and 1 to specify the opacity:

Like this:

* tested and confirmed on tiddlywiki.com

Eric Shulman
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