I'm trying to understand your data flow. What are the contents of the 
target field, and how do they differ from the title? If you put the title 
into target, then your scenarios (e.g. <$link 
to={{tiddlerToShow}}>{{tiddlerToShow}}</$link> and <$transclude 
tiddler={{tiddlerToShow}}/>) work fine (goes to tiddler and pulls contents 
respectively). This leads me to think that you have something other than 
the title in the target field, in which case your problems have nothing to 
do with the double slash.

Good luck,

On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 3:34:24 PM UTC-7, Steven Schneider wrote:
> Eric, thanks. Your suggestions are, as usual, right on. So I see that my 
> select is creating a [[tiddlerToShow]] with the text field set to the name 
> of a tiddler with "//" in its name.
> I get how the <$text text={{tiddlerToShow}}/> works -- so I can see the 
> content with the //....
> But, how do I use my new tiddler [[tiddlerToShow]]? I need to be able to 
> do <$link to={{tiddlerToShow}}>{{tiddlerToShow}}</$link> and <$transclude 
> tiddler={{tiddlerToShow}}/>? There must be a magic text cleaning machine 
> that interprets the slashes for what they are, and not as markup...?
> //steve.
> On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 4:12:12 PM UTC-4, Eric Shulman wrote:
>> On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 9:35:19 AM UTC-7, Steven Schneider wrote:
>>> I am using the <select> widget to allow users to make a selection.
>>> The select field is  are choosing among tiddlers listed in the list 
>>> field of my 
>>> <$select tiddler="tiddlerToShow" default='Cover'>
>>> <$list filter='[list<currentTiddler>]'>
>>> <$vars target={{!!target}}>
>>> <option value=<<target>>><$view field='caption'/></option>
>>> </$vars>
>>> </$list>
>>> </$select>
>>> The values of {{!!target}} have slashes in them, like this:
>>> American Government and Politics in the Information 
>>> Age//OEBPS/part-001-chapter-1-communication-in-the-information-age.xhtml
>>> and thus [[tiddlerToShow]] gets this value instead:
>>> American Government and Politics in the Information Age
>>> OEBPS/part-001-chapter-1-communication-in-the-information-age.xhtml 
>>> <https://stevesunypoly.github.io/amgov-epub-tw/#American%20Government%20and%20Politics%20in%20the%20Information%20Age%2F%2FOEBPS%2Fpart-001-chapter-1-communication-in-the-information-age.xhtml>
>> 1) There is no need to use <$vars>...</$vars> here... just write:
>>    <option value={{!!target}}>...</option>
>> 2) I recommend using 'fallback' display within the <option>...</option>, 
>> so that if the "caption" field is not defined, the "target" field is 
>> shown.... and if "target" is not defined, the "title" field is shown, like 
>> this:
>> <option value={{!!target}}><$view field='caption'><$view 
>> field='target'><$view field='title'/></$view></$view></option>
>> 3) I did a quick test on tiddlywiki.com, and the *contents* of 
>> [[tiddlerToShow]] DO have the double slash characters intact.  However, 
>> when you *view* that tiddler's content directly, the "//" is *parsed and 
>> rendered* (correctly) as TW syntax for "start italics"... and, because 
>> there is no matching "//" to "end italics", that formatting continues to 
>> the end of the text that is shown.
>> 4) You can show the *unparsed* content by using (in some other tiddler)
>>    <$text text={{tiddlerToShow}}/>
>> enjoy,
>> -e
>> Eric Shulman
>> TiddlyTools.com: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm)
>> InsideTiddlyWiki: The Missing Manuals

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