Correction, if you link like this:

<$link to={{tiddlerToShow}}><$view tiddler=tiddlerToShow 

it will both link and view correctly. However, even if you did it as <$link 
to={{tiddlerToShow}}>{{tiddlerToShow}}</$link> it would link correctly -- 
it would look slightly different, but given how long the title is I don't 
know if that's the biggest issue.


On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 4:30:34 PM UTC-7, Mark S. wrote:
> I'm trying to understand your data flow. What are the contents of the 
> target field, and how do they differ from the title? If you put the title 
> into target, then your scenarios (e.g. <$link 
> to={{tiddlerToShow}}>{{tiddlerToShow}}</$link> and <$transclude 
> tiddler={{tiddlerToShow}}/>) work fine (goes to tiddler and pulls contents 
> respectively). This leads me to think that you have something other than 
> the title in the target field, in which case your problems have nothing to 
> do with the double slash.
> Good luck,
> Mark

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