Am Freitag, 2. Februar 2018 09:27:40 UTC+1 schrieb BurningTreeC:
> Am Freitag, 2. Februar 2018 01:54:18 UTC+1 schrieb Jan:
>> Hello Simon,
>> you made big progress. The feel of Muri is getting better and better. I 
>> am looking forward to see your touch-inventions as separate widgets!
>> Yours Jan
> Hello Jan, thanks! I have a swipe widget ready on muritest, if you take a 
> look at the page <> and switch to the 
> normal tiddlywiki view, you can swipe on tiddlers and an action message 
> gets sent.
> There I'm calling it in the $:/core/ui/PageTemplate/story, take a look how 
> it's called - the message part is exactly like the action-sendmessage 
> widget.
> 2 more attributes are needed: targets="the target class of the elements 
> tos wipe" velocity="the velocity that must be reached to trigger - you can 
> provide floating numbers like 2.5"
> 1 more attribute can be provided: direction="left/up/down/right" - if not 
> provided any swipe triggers the action
> all the best,
> Simon
I forgot to say, you only need the widget tiddler and the hammer.js tiddler 
for this. you can rename both tiddlers as you like. If you change the name 
of the hammer.js tiddler, you need to change it in the widget tiddler, 
there it gets calles with var Hammer = require("the hammer.js tiddler 

happy hacking! 

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