Thanks again for all your work on this Mario!

Ill just add here that I find it convenient to edit:


and change the alias empty message to:

emptyMessage="No tiddlers alias to this one"

So that its clearer for me. Just a tip for others if they are interested.


On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 9:48:24 AM UTC-6, PMario wrote:
> Hi, 
> Test out 0.3.2.  
> *New:*
> New tab in RightSidebar: More: Aliases: Undefined
> Filter Operators:
>    - is[alias] ... extends the core is operator see: 
>    Operator
>    - all[aliases] ... extends the core all operator see: 
>    Operator
>    - [aliasbacklinks[]] ... shows a list of all tiddlers that contain 
>    alias links
>    - [[?]aliasbacklinks[]sort[title]] ... shows a list of tiddlers that 
>    contain undefined alias links
> have fun!
> mario

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