A small number of filter operators don't really filter -- they ignore 
anything earlier in the filter chain and create their own stream of items. 
These operators are called constructors.

The prefix/suffix trick comes about because there isn't an equals operator, 
exactly. You could use field:title<variable> perhaps. That should work as 
long as the tiddler actually exists. I kind of like the prefix/suffix thing 
because it works even if the tiddler doesn't work (like if you were looking 
for a particular tag, which isn't also a tiddler). 

-- Mark

On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 12:56:30 PM UTC-8, TonyM wrote:
> Mark,
> That special use of prefix suffix again, I really can't understand the 
> tiddlywiki.com entries on selector constructors.
> Thanks mark I will test it soon and include the missing <
> Regards
> Tony

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