Hello @all,

I found out now a little bit how to adjust it.
But only a little bit...

I can now adjust the first column: Not anymore grey blackground and the 
font is very small- almost invisible (in that way, I can see the content 
for calculating by Ctrl + scrolling up, but in normal view mode it is 
almost invisible).

I also can now adjust the background from the cells, where I write the main 
content. I don't need that possibility at the moment, but nice to know the 

But still I don't know how to adjust the width of the first column.
And I don't know how to adjust the background-colour, the font-size and the 
height of the header.
And I don't know how to make one certain cell invisible (or better one 

That is what I wrote into the Spreadsheet Prototype:

\define ss_cols() a b c d e f g
\define ss_rows() 1 2 3 4 5 6
\define ss_cell() $(c)$$(r)$

<$tiddler tiddler="Spreadsheet/Data">

Click on cells to pop up an editor.  Formulas currently need to be written 
in `(= =)` but cells may be referred to by their names, such as `a2`.  
Ranges aren't supported yet.

<$vars popupState=<<qualify "$:/temp/spreadsheet/pop">> popupCell=<<qualify 
"$:/temp/spreadsheet/popcell">> >

<$reveal type="popup" state=<<popupState>> >
<div class="tc-drop-down tc-popup-keep">

<$set name="cell" filter="[title<popupCell>get[text]]">
''<<cell>>'': <$edit-text tag=input index=<<cell>> size=230 />
$tiddler=<<popupState>> text=""/></$button>


<tr><th></th><$list variable=c filter=<<ss_cols>> 
<$list variable=r filter=<<ss_rows>> >
    <th style="background-color:white;font-size:0.2em;padding:0;"><<r>></th>
    <$list variable=c filter=<<ss_cols>> ><td 
        <$button popup=<<popupState>> 
$tiddler=<<popupCell>> text=<<ss_cell>>/> <$formula formula=<<ss_cell>>/>


<!-- <table>
<tr><th></th><$list variable=c filter=<<ss_cols>> 
<$list variable=r filter=<<ss_rows>> >
<tr><th><<r>></th><$list variable=c filter=<<ss_cols>> ><td><$edit-text 
tag=input index=<<ss_cell>> size=10/></td></$list></tr>
</table> -->


Could someone of you please help me with that?
Thanks a lot in advance! Surya

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