Hi Coda,

hmmm, I almost reached that goal.
The header (the first row) is now almost invisible (white background, 
font-size very very small. The same with the first column.
And I made the one cell almost invisible.

But there are some strange behaviours. It seems to me, that it counts the 
cells & rows different than I would count them:
The first row (header) seems to be td:nth-child(1), there I had to count 
every cell (th:nth-child) from 1-9, two give the whole head-row the same 
style. Okay fine, I understood.
So, in my logic the style-command for the cell "h1" should be .my-ss-table 
th:nth-child(9), .my-ss-table td:nth-child(2) { 
background-color:white;font-size:0.2em; }.
But it is: .my-ss-table th:nth-child(1), .my-ss-table td:nth-child(9) { 
background-color:white;font-size:0.2em; }.

Okay, maybe, I don't have to understand everything. Just like almost always 
in TW: "Try & error" to reach my goal.... ;-)

But also it made some other strange things:
It made a additional row above the table, the "</$tiddler>" is now visible 
under the table in view mode and it build a frame around the table and the 
rest of the tiddler-text.

And: I can make the width of a column wider than now, but *not* smaller 
than it is now.

Maybe, I should build a new wiki on tiddlyspot for testing-purposes- so 
that you could better see, what I mean and see my mistakes better?

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