On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 3:21:39 PM UTC-6, Surya wrote:
> \define ss_cols() a b c d e f g
> \define ss_rows() 1 2 3 4 5 6
> \define ss_cell() $(c)$$(r)$
> <$tiddler tiddler="Spreadsheet/Data">
> Click on cells to pop up an editor.  Formulas currently need to be 
> written in `(= =)` but cells may be referred to by their names, such as 
> `a2`.  Ranges aren't supported yet.
> <$vars popupState=<<qualify "$:/temp/spreadsheet/pop">> 
> popupCell=<<qualify "$:/temp/spreadsheet/popcell">> >
> <$reveal type="popup" state=<<popupState>> >
> <div class="tc-drop-down tc-popup-keep">
> <$set name="cell" filter="[title<popupCell>get[text]]">
> ''<<cell>>'': <$edit-text tag=input index=<<cell>> size=230 />
> <$button 
> class="tc-btn-invisible">{{$:/core/images/save-button}}<$action-setfield 
> $tiddler=<<popupState>> text=""/></$button>
> </$set>
> </div>
> </$reveal>
I would use CSS nth-child, targeting the THs and TDs.  But first, to help 
the cascade better, give this table a class:


> <table class="my-ss-table">

you can change that name to anything that makes sense to you.

Then in your css, to hide all the cells in column 2, write something like 

.my-ss-table th:nth-child(2),
.my-ss-table td:nth-child(2) {

The above assumes you will have NO INNER nested TABLES with more THs and 
TDs.  If you DO have nested tables, change it to this:

.my-ss-table > th:nth-child(2),
.my-ss-table > td:nth-child(2) {

I have not tested this... and my ability to parse other people's code is 
limited, so I hope this is what you're asking for.

You can read about nth-child here: 


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