On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 3:25:40 AM UTC+1, Michael Gentry wrote:
> That's okay. I'm not asking anyone to whip up a brand-new plugin for me, 
> I'm just wondering if anyone has managed to solve the specific issues I'm 
> dealing with. 

That wouldn't be the problem. ... I'm interested in usecases like this one. 
That's why I created the uni-link plugin. ... 

The problem is, that we would need to answer those questions, to get a 
consistent set of rules, that can be converted to code. 

For the alias functionality, the answer is relatively simple. ... 

 - [[worksheet|?]] ... means, this is an alias link
 - Search for every tiddler that has an aliases field, 
    - This list is much smaller than the list of all tiddlers.
 - and link those, who contain the word "worksheet" in the aliases field. 
 - the alias name "worksheet" is not case sensitive

doing the same for [[worksheet]] ... imo is much harder. ... IMO every step 
needs to check the whole set of existing tiddlers. ... 
I don't see a performant algorithm atm.

Anyway. I will create a feature request 
<https://github.com/wikilabs/plugins/issues/11> in the uni-link repo at 
github. So it won't be forgotten. 

BUT I don't think, that there will be a solution soon. So no promises and 
no ETA. 

So if someone else has a solution, just post here! ... There has been a 
in 2015 here 
<https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/tiddlywiki/eEaxLQtC7sU> in the 

have fun!

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