Thanks, Josiah! Yeah, I saw his work earlier, it's truly astounding.

I should've translated my first post from the very beginning, but, uh... 

So to clarify my intentions a bit: from time to time I see mentions of 
TiddlyWiki in Russian, but there's no central place (at least not that I'm 
aware of) consolidating Russian users. Yet I'm sure there are enough 
Russians using TW 'silently' (like me) and for many of them language barier 
might be an issue.

Too often I face the situation where there are many individual people using 
same thing (and capable of sharing their knowledge for the common benefit) 
who are just unaware of each other. So I'm interested in finding such a 
place and those people. There might exist somewhat of chicken-egg problem, 
I think. Russian users don't have a common place to get together -> It's a 
barrier for having more Russian users involved.

What I'm doing here is trying to check if I'm not mistaken and there 
actually *are* those interested, besides me, and how many of them are there.

And yeah, trying to contact the people I'm aware of one-by-one was among my 
next planned steps.

вторник, 6 марта 2018 г., 16:02:17 UTC+3 пользователь @TiddlyTweeter 
> Dear Pavel
> The only publicly posting Russian here I know of is Sini-Kit 
> <!profile/tiddlywiki/APn2wQf8WDRoHqskcC8BQ9BgFFkMhc7ajN7XGpijWmwpDINpLQlPUSKTt4Kn2wegWk7o_TJogKKX>.
> His work with TiddlyWiki is amazing! 
> The very best examples of using TiddlyWiki for commercial sites like: 
> and ...
> Best wishes
> Josiah
> Pavel Kurochkin wrote:
>> I'm looking for a russian-speaking tiddlywiki community; also wondering 
>> if there's any demand for it at all.

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