Hi Pavel

Pavel Kurochkin wrote:
> ... from time to time I see mentions of TiddlyWiki in Russian, but there's 
> no central place (at least not that I'm aware of) consolidating Russian 
> users. 

I don't believe there is one actively functioning. I'm fairly sure there 
isn't as I never seen any mention here or on Twitter of one. Maybe a way to 
move on with this is to just create something that will measure interest? 

One way to get interest is to create a Twitter identity for Russian 

Look at this list of "TiddlyWiki International 
Tweeters to see what I mean.  These posters use a *dedicated Twitter 
identity to both announce TiddlyWiki news in their own language and also 
discuss it*. Using a simple Twitter identity for your region is a simple 
way to gauge interest in my opinion. If you want to know more just Tweet me 
on Twitter. <https://twitter.com/TiddlyTweeter/>

Once a few Russians realise other Russians use TiddlyWiki then maybe the 
next step could be simply using 
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/rutiddlywiki which is already there 
to use?

Yet I'm sure there are enough Russians using TW 'silently' (like me) and 
> for many of them language barrier might be an issue.

Right. Language. BUT one thing to note is that Google Translations of 
Russian to English & English to Russian seem quite good to allow mutual 

For instance your last Russian message auto-translated into English reads 
pretty well (see below). Only the bit: "in what form: gugluppy, chat in 
telegrams, " didn't make sense :-).

Best wishes & good luck

Not for the first time I use TiddlyWiki, but until this moment I did not 
take an active part in the life of the community. Partly because I do not 
feel comfortable speaking English. Sometimes and in Russian formulate the 
problem / question is not so simple, and the transition to a non-native 
language requires additional costs of thought-fuel. And experience is 
easier to share in the language of everyday communication.

I am sure that not only I encounter this, but I managed to find only the 
obviously neglected group: https:

1) Are there any sites that I could not find, and where are the 
users of TiddlyWiki? :)

2) If there is no active site, is it necessary? Would you like to discuss 
the details of working with TiddlyWiki in Russian? Where would it be more 
convenient, in what form: gugluppy, chat in telegrams, something else?

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