> One way to get interest is to create a Twitter identity for Russian 
> TiddlyWiki

Thanks for your suggestion! I've noticed that they exist, but haven't 
thought about the possibilty of creating one. Though my concern is that 
Twitter actually isn't that popular in Russia (I'm also not an active user 
myself). Anyway, I'll contact you there.

As for the next step, I'm somewhat reluctant to using google groups 
(гуглогруппы ;-)). I'm actually leaning towards a Telegram сhat option and 
possibly VK group later.

And wow, that Google's auto-translation was suprisingly good! 
Unfortunately, can't say the same for the en->ru translation of your post. 
It's understandable, but kind of hard to read. I agree, it's a usable 
approach, but it's much less convenient than the natural one.

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