Fantastic, I will test at my soonest convenience and take notes that may 
inform documentation.

Thanks for pursuing this fundamental solution requirement in Tiddly Wiki, 
next I will need to open my version running on my Synology disk station to 
the internet so I can engage teams on multi-user wikis.

Thanks Soooo much for your contribution


On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 8:31:43 AM UTC+11, Jed Carty wrote:
> I say that after I have been using it for about the past two months. Let 
> me know if you try it out. Also let me know what I should add to the 
> documentation.
> Github repo:
> What is it?
> A plugin for the node version of tiddlywiki. You install it the same way 
> as any other plugin. It adds a new command called wsserver to use instead 
> of the server command when starting a wiki. The ws is for websockets, which 
> like a lot of the things in the plugin should probably be renamed now.
> What does it do?
> Here is an incomplete list:
> - Allow multiple people to use and edit the same wiki (or wikis) 
> simultaneously without overwriting each others changes, and immediately 
> seeing the others changes.
> - Server multiple wikis, you can add wikis from within the root wiki (the 
> wiki you start first) or you can list which wikis to serve in the settings 
> file.
> - Update wikis immediately based on changes made to the file system
> - Restart or shutdown the wiki server from within the wiki
> - Run shell commands or scripts from within the wiki
> It has recently had a rather large overhaul and can now server as many 
> wikis as you want from a single node process without spawning 
> sub-processes. As a note this means that all the tiddlers from all the 
> wikis are available to the node process and in the future I am going to add 
> what is needed to include the same tiddlers in multiple wikis.
> This also means that you only need to have the plugin installed on one 
> wiki, unless you disable the option each wiki served will be served with 
> the necessary plugins even if they are not listed in the 
> file. This lets you serve a wiki like this to edit it and then build it 
> without including the multi-user plugin in the single file version without 
> any changes.
> Plans for the future:
> - Security to disallow access and editing from unauthorised people
> - Finer control over which tiddlers are served to each wiki so you can 
> make custom wikis on the fly that contain parts of other wikis
> - A better interface for settings and adding new wikis to be served
> - A better interface to create new wikis from inside the wiki
> - Better documentation (I have no idea what is needed, I have been using 
> and working on this too much to have a good idea of what it is like for 
> someone who doesn't know how to use it)
> - Package tiddlywiki using this plugin as a single executable so it can 
> run without installing node
> - Adding support for Dodo to help make federated wikis.

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