On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 2:21:41 PM UTC+1, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
> Perhaps it’s clearer to draw a distinction between the functionality of 
> the widget (to return an encrypted JSON representation of a list of 
> tiddlers identified by a filter) and its current usage (to support 
> encryption of single file TiddlyWikis). 

> The point is that this is a perfectly general purpose widget (albeit very 
> low level), and can be interesting to experiment with. It could be used as 
> the basis, say, of a plugin that encrypts other tiddlers.

OK, in light of this I feel I'm not qualified to make a PR to update the 

(BTW some quick experimenting turned out tricky because the existing 
instances of the widget uses saveTiddlerFilter as filter but opening any 
tid that contains this freezes up the TW.)


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