I'm new to TW. I love the lightweight flexibility, but can't figure out 
from the provided documentation and examples how to create multi-part forms.

Here's an example of what I'd like to be able to do (this is not 
specifically what I want to do, but a simplified example): create an "Issue 
Tracking Template". I want to create a new Tiddler that has multiple 
sections like the following:

Section 1: Short Answer: When the issue occurred; name of the person who 
encountered the issue; location code where the issue occurred. This part 
seems like it could work with transclusion + fields.

Section 2, 3, etc.: Long Answer: I want headers or boldfaced sections like 
"Issue Description:", "Issue Resolution:", "Comments/Follow-Up:", etc. 

The problems with the Long Answer sections are: 

A. How can I have the headers for these sections automatically imported / 
templated into a new "Issue Page" when I create it so that I'm reminded to 
fill them out?

B. I don't want to enter / edit long paragraph sections using fields, so 
these seem like smaller tiddlers pulled in via tags? If so, how do you 
multi-transclude the text of tiddlers? If there were a way to 
multi-transclude (like <list-links> or <toc>, except I want the body text 
imported also), then how do I have the headers / prompts show up while I'm 
editing the target page (the new issue) so I can see the headers / prompts 
and interlace my response text with them?


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