Thanks, Tony, for the insights.And, for reminding me of the GenTags 
<> plugin; I'd lost 
track of that one, and it is really helpful.  //steve.

On Friday, March 23, 2018 at 7:28:54 PM UTC-4, TonyM wrote:
> Steven,
> I suppose the importance of the tag field is its supporting tools like tag 
> pills, filters and tags as tiddlers. Personally I have started to reduce my 
> use of tags in favour of reserving them for adhoc or hierarchical 
> relationships.
> The list fields is a special case of using a field as a list of titles, 
> where if you have drag-able lists, for example of items tagged with a 
> specific tag you can set the order with drag and drop. Thus I leave it 
> alone for that purpose.
> Even the existence of a field can act like a tag once you become familiar 
> with field filters note the has[fieldname] filter demands the field have a 
> value, even one space character.
> I am gradually starting to use custom fields, listops and tools rather 
> than using too many tags. One use of using another field as a list of 
> titles (not the tags or list fields) is for subjects or categories that 
> differ from tags. Once a tag exists it is available to all tiddlers to tag 
> them, if you use tags for subjects and categories it is not easy to tell 
> the different functions of different tags unless you add this to the naming 
> standard.
> Of late I am playing with Jeds GenTags plugin 
> <>  
> Which provides the partial equivalent of additional tags fields, which I 
> am using for subjects and Categories, each additional field has its own 
> list of candidate titles, rather than from all tags.
> I am starting to see limitations with the tabs widget, that may have 
> something to do with your students issue, however your code snipit I would 
> describe as "Populate a field with a list of titles" could help here.
> Thanks for sharing
> I hope my perspective throws a little light on the subject.
> Tony
> On Saturday, 24 March 2018 07:59:54 UTC+11, Steven Schneider wrote:
>> Not a technical problem, a visual problem. He wanted to be able to leaf 
>> through illustrations without shifting tiddlers, and the tabs approach 
>> wasn't really doing it for him. Mostly: I'm interested here in 
>> understanding how list field differs from tag field, and how they can be 
>> used to accomplish different types of things. 
>> On Friday, March 23, 2018 at 4:17:10 PM UTC-4, Mark S. wrote:
>>> What was the problem with the <<tab>> approach? If it was just the sort 
>>> order, add a field "sortby" to each illustration with a double buffered 
>>> illustration number ("01", "02" ... "31" ....)
>>> Then 
>>> <<tabs "[tag[Illustrations]sort[sortby]]" 
>>> \\
>>>  "$:/state/tab2" "tc-vertical">>
>>> should work.
>>> -- Mark
>>> On Friday, March 23, 2018 at 10:51:27 AM UTC-7, Steven Schneider wrote:
>>>> Hmm. Let me try again:
>>>> At 
>>>>  the 
>>>> author uses <<tabs>> to present images tagged with "Illustrations". This 
>>>> is 
>>>> ok, but not super ideal.  
>>>> I suggested he create a new tiddler called "Show the Illustrations" 
>>>> that made use of a list of tiddlers so that they could be identified and 
>>>> sorted. The <<tag Illustrations>> was of limited value, so I suggested he 
>>>> might use the list field instead (We ultimately ended up developing a 
>>>> tag-based 
>>>> macro 
>>>> <>
>>>>  instead 
>>>> of using a list field...). 
>>>> While exploring list fields, it was annoying to manually populate a 
>>>> list field with every tagged tiddler, so we wrote that short one-time use 
>>>> button script that essentially put the contents of the <<tags>> field into 
>>>> a <<list>> field of a specified tiddler. (It was also a way to introduce 
>>>> the use of the ActionListOps widget)(on reflection, there was probably a 
>>>> faster way to copy the contents of the tag field of a tiddler into the 
>>>> list 
>>>> field of another tiddler, but I didn't think of that until now).
>>>> Our discussion generated some interesting questions about the nature of 
>>>> list fields, as well as the nature of the tags field, and when it was 
>>>> useful / appropriate to use tags and when it was useful / appropriate to 
>>>> use list fields. That's really my question. 
>>>> Thanks for seeking clarification :)
>>>> //steve.
>>>> On Friday, March 23, 2018 at 12:25:06 PM UTC-4, Stephan Hradek wrote:
>>>>> To me it's absolutely unclear
>>>>> a) What you're trying to achieve
>>>>> b) What's your question
>>>>> Really sorry for that. Do you think there are filters the student 
>>>>> can't use becaue he used tags and he could have used, had he used lists? 
>>>>> So 
>>>>> can you give an example? Maybe publish an example somewhere for us to 
>>>>> have 
>>>>> a look at?

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