Hi Tony,

I can see your point. And have to admit that I was focused on tags, only. 
You say that a tag is (technically) just another metadata "field:value" 
pair. Sure, however there is something special about tags: you can find it 
on top of tiddlers with distinct graphics. People tend to use them first. 
If we wanted to add another filtering criteria (beside "keywords" for 
fulltext search and "tags" for category selection) it will be certainly a 
benefit. We should be cautious to keep the interface simple and 
straightforward for regular users (not to discourage them by complexity). 
So some sort of customization of the user interface regarding the filtering 
fields will be great (in plugin settings, for instance). We should discuss 
this with Jed.

Can you elaborate on some of your points? Especially what is the difference 
between "category", "subject", "keyword"? Maybe some examples will help. 
What reason do you have for such a structure?


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