I would like to discuss another problem that is directly related to the 
search-and-filter topic: I find it difficult to work with hierarchy of 
tags. What i would like to have is a simple and intuitive 
"drag-and-drop" interface, where 
- on the left side will be a tags tree (expandable if you want)
- in the middle there will be the existing storyview
- on the right side the existing info panel (with Tiddlymap if you want)

Say I need to add context by categorizing: I just find my first relevant 
tag in the left tree and just drag-and-drop it on the tiddler in the 
middle. The same should be possible in the other direction (drag a tiddler 
and drop it onto a tag in the tree).

Double-clicking on a tag in the tree will result in adding this tag into 
the above mentioned search-and-filter field (probably on top? - depends on 
Jed's implementation).

Reordering tags within the tree: say I want a subcategory to go one level 
up. Simple drag-and-drop will do.

Regarding the tags tree on the left: what do you think about having a 
"switch" on the top of the tree:

   - If the switch is in the "off" position than all the tags in the tree 
   will be accessible
   - If the switch is "on" than the tree will be show only tags that are 
   used on tiddlers currently listed in the storyview

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