The release of v5.1.16 is overdue; the good news is that there are a lot of 
exciting new features:

* Copying to the clipboard
* A new “sortan” filter operator for intuitive alphanumeric sorting
* A new “rotate left” button in the bitmap editor
* Comparison operators for the reveal widget
* Visual diffs available in the edit preview and the import listing
* A hugely overhauled CodeMirror plugin with many new futures, and much better 
extensibility and customisability
* Many improvements to the TextSlicer plugin, including customisability via 
declarative JSON rules
* An updated KaTeX plugin to the latest v0.9.0
* The new DynaView plugin for building user interfaces that respond to 
scrolling and zooming
* Sharper and more readable default fonts

In preparation for the release, I’d be grateful for as many hands as possible 
to give the prerelease a try: <>

Please try it with your favourite plugins, or perform a trial upgrade of your 
personal wikis. Any feedback gratefully received.

If all goes well, we’ll release v5.1.16 in the next few days.

Best wishes


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