> Hi Simon, Hi Jeremy,
> it would be great to be able to style tiddlers by type like 
> [data-tiddler-type="text/plain"] { background-color: #333333; } 
> text/plain.
> Could you make this possible?
> Jan
> @Jan, you can accomplish that by editing the $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate:

after the data-tiddler-title=... add your data-tiddler-type=...

I think most of the tiddlers won't have any type assigned, that's why I 
would do it like this:

<$set name="dataTiddlerType" 
class=<<frame-classes>> ... data-tiddler-type=<<dataTiddlerType>>>

... don't forget to close the <$set> after the closing </div> ... take care 
that you don't add new lines


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