I was looking at the Keto diet, and noticing how complex it was to keep 
track of multiple factors.

This is a mini-application to allow a user to keep track of calories, 
carbs, and fiber. It could be easily extended to keep track of other 
metrics like fats or vitamins.

Be sure to make a backup of your tiddlywiki before trying. You will need a 
copy of Evan Balster's formula's plugin (link is included in 
documentation). Then drag and drop the JSON into your app. Save and reload. 

After loading, you can read how to use it by looking at tiddler "Calorie 
Counter". I only included a handful of the food items I've set up, but I 
could include more if there turns out to be a demand.

This app needed a couple of aggregation formulas in addition to Evan's 
original plugin set. If there was a way to do that without my own 
aggregation formulae, I would be interested to learn of it.

Have fun 

-- Mark

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