Ciao Mark S.

Thanks for the detailed reply! I re-edited it and reordered it a bit, 
without comments, though with added linkage to sources. Hope I have not 
misrepresented your message? I think it tells its own story.

Best wishes, Josiah

Mark S. wrote:
> My circa 2012 devices are sluggish with TW, but usable in some situations. 

> ... Syncthing *usually* works pretty well, though sometimes it needs to be 
> restarted. The thing is, it's really overkill because it encrypts 
> everything in transit.

> TW is not usually good for quick look-ups because loading time is so long. 
> But it is OK for persistent reference (like a recipe or book passages) 
> where you're going to have it on the same set of tiddlers for awhile. As an 
> e-reader, it's slow to load. But then, so is Kindle (because Kindle always 
> wants to check the net).
> For sending data back to the home machine, it's best if your TW app 
> consists of checkboxes or small fields (like calorie counters, todo 
> check-offs).

> TW loads most quickly and formats most correctly with AndTidWiki. 
> AndTidWiki can still save.
 ... AndTidWiki will only allow you to have one TW open at a time, which is 
> a problem if you want to go back and forth. 

... Sometimes AndTidWiki won't be able to load a TW file. A trick I've 
> learned is to go into the RAM manager and clear the memory. After that 
> AndTidWiki will run OK. 


> I'm not sure that the latest versions of FF can use any of the save 
> extensions -- that shows how seldom I use TW on FF for input... 

Firefox doesn't format correctly on my devices. In particular, when you 
> zoom in on text the text goes off screen rather than formatting to the new 
> edge. 


> This is why I developed the Quick 8 app for changing fonts and saving 
> their settings. But, with FF you can have multiple tabs open.

One of the biggest problems with Android apps, especially browsers, or at 
> least on my devices, is that Android can decide at any time to close some 
> "background" task. You can hop from a TW on FF to just take a quick peak at 
> a phone log, weather report, or ebook, and when you pop back, your FF 
> session has closed and you've lost all your tabs (but not always, 
> mysteriously it sometimes remembers them). Then you have to find your 
> bookmark, load your page, etc. 


> In general, TW performance on Android is not as good as native apps like 
> Simplenote, Evernote, etc. 

The various improvements to TW have weighted it down to about 2.5 Megs -- 
> the size of a substantial reference ebook. And that's before any data is 
> added. 

... Perhaps there needs to be a TW-lite edition for small devices, though I 
> don't know what features I would want to ditch.

-- Mark

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