Despite not being Jeremy I can answer a bit of that anyway.

That is similar to what twederation does and one of the biggest problems 
with that approach is that once you have loaded the file what do you do 
with it? You have to be able to pull out what you want from the loaded file 
and include it in the local file and while that is doable it isn't as 
straight forward as something like a rel='tiddler' link. You can load the 
file that way but loading the file and using it are different problems.

You probably could make a plugin that would load js files that defined 
tiddlers from some server and then include those tiddlers in your wiki, but 
that would mean that you have to package the tiddlers like that, put them 
on a server and then write all of the handlers to consume the packaged 
tiddlers. The version that does that to the full html wiki files is called 

The adversarial model used by browsers is moving more and more toward 
treating the person using the browser as an adversary and remote servers as 
trusted, this means that loading local files is more and more difficult 
while loading files served by a remote server is still the same as it used 
to be. Webresources are easy to access, local files on your own computer 
that you control are harder.

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