Thanks Tony! 

Wish I could contribute more with regards to the technical discussions 
around this topic! But as you say, I might use tiddler bundles to import 
tiddlers that I need to. 

On Friday, August 10, 2018 at 4:34:14 PM UTC+10, TonyM wrote:
> Yohan,
> If you did have multiple wikis on top of NodeJS I believe you can "share" 
> tiddlers across wikis (I have not done this).
> I export tiddler bundles in JSON and import them as needed.
> I believe there are other options so let us see if there is more feedback.
> On Friday, 10 August 2018 12:55:44 UTC+10, Yohan Fernando wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> Looking out for an option to link multiple TiddlyWikis together? That is, 
>> to have one main wiki, but be able to access the tiddlers, search the 
>> tiddlers from any wiki. I believe this is what the SharedTiddlersPlugin 
>> did. I believe it doesn't work in TW5? I got an alert mentioning its only 
>> meant for TW Classic. 
>> Cheers,
>> Yohan

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