Hi Littleagle Thoronaug,

Thanks for the feedback !
Since the templating thing works now for the view mode, I'll re-write the 
cellContent macros for the edit mode allowing the use of a template.
And now I know where the problem comes from in Chrome.

I'll update the site soon and keep you informed.



Le samedi 11 août 2018 22:39:00 UTC+2, Littleagle Thoronaug a écrit :
> Hi, FrD.
> I've been testing the new version of the plugin. The issues I had 
> yesterday were because I hadn't restarted TW after deleting the plugin so 
> shame on me. Here are the results:
> - Firefox:
>     +It seems everything is working fine. The only thing I detected is 
> when using "default" fomat only the new journal Title config is used but 
> not tags and text. But maybe this is the behaviour you pretended.
>     +In CreateViewMode the NewJournalTemplate works perfectly, even in 
> combination with "default" format. It's a pity that this config can't go 
> directly in edit mode, but it's ok.
> - Chrome (chromium):
>     + "default" format works well in both Edit and ViewMode.
>     + Use of NewJournalTemplate in ViewMode works as well.
>     + But there is an issue with Chrome that is a little annoying. 
> Clicking on a day, even with the cellContent in CreateEditMode, doesn't 
> enter the new tiddler in Edit Mode. Instead of that, a tiddler with the 
> text "The tiddler <title> does not exist - click on ..." appears in the 
> Story. That's not really bad at all, but it would be more comfy enter 
> directly the edit mode.
> - TiddlyDesktop: I've tested TiddlyDesktop as well, but as I think uses 
> Chrome engine the results are the same above.
> EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also made the tests with a new blank TW 
> file, with same results.
> I hope this helps you. If you need any other tests, don't doubt to ask me 
> for.
> Thanks again for your attention.
> Regards.

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