Ciao Mark

Very, very good work. Kudos.

Android 8. "b" version apk.

Seamless overwrite install.

Only fly in the ointment in on this  on Resources ...

.[image: Screenshot_20190313-202239_2.png]

I get no indication on click it worked (which it did) so ended up with 3 
versions of JD.

Best wishes & thanks

On Wednesday, 13 March 2019 00:12:40 UTC+1, Mark S. wrote:
> This version adds a menu item "Resources" that activates an activity page 
> from whence a user can select a variety of existing resources (TW files) to 
> download. 
> The activity page is, in turn, driven by a configurable file, allowing 
> advanced users to share their own curated selection of TW sites. Please see 
> the Readme.
> The referenced resources include Todo Now, Expense Tracker, Quinoid 
> Readme, and Empty Editions.
> As always, consider this highly alpha. I was kind of worn out, and testing 
> was very light. 
> Thanks!
> -- Mark
> Readme:
> Release:
> quinoid-v0-0-8a-190312a.apk 
> <>

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