> BurningTreeC wrote:
>> ok, meanwhile I made it work in textareas, too and tried some things in 
>> this direction. It seems to be possible. 
> HA! I did not expect you to actually look into this but it seems you 
> also sense how extremely useful this would be if it worked :-D !!!!!!

yes it would be great to have all in one! 

>> What would be great and necessary if doing it following this idea, is a 
>> insert-text tm-edit-text-operation that just inserts text at the cursor 
>> position/selection and moves the cursor to the end of the inserted text, 
>> without leaving a selection. The replace-text operation I'm using at the 
>> moment can't just insert a space without leaving a selected space, it's not 
>> like pressing the space-bar normally, sadly...
> No solution, but trying to understand (and maybe someone more knowledgable 
> has ideas): When you say "space", you're referring to the space character " 
> ", right?, as opposed to e.g the space/area that is currently typed at or 
> perhaps the space/are after the replaced text is inserted. And you're 
> saying that it, at the moment, not is possible to e.g type the triggering 
> string "[[foo bar" because the space character makes things trigger already 
> at "[[foo" ...and by continuing to type "bar", this overwrites wherever the 
> "[[foo" is temporarily stored in some state type tiddler? Or is it that the 
> to-be-inserted text must not contain a space character?

yes exactly, I'm referring to the space " " character. I want to make 
pressing the space-bar on the keyboard insert the " " character and 
additionally trigger an action string
therefor a text-operation that doesn't select the replacement would be 
needed and I haven't found one that behaves like needed. I think the editor 
stamp tool also uses "replace-selection" which leaves a selected " " if 
inserting a space character. Then, when typing, the space gets replaced by 
the first typed character... that's not what we want here

the "[[foo bar" example wouldn't work when using space as the trigger, but 
the trigger can be any key-combination that works as a keyboard shortcut. 
the problem is when and how the text stored in the separate tiddler should 
be reset ... my idea was to reset every time the space character is pressed 
so that it never contains the whole text which would be contraproductive 

> Might the editor Stamp tool solve this in any way?
>> Would be great to reveal the popup at the position where the cursor is, 
>> but that's a different task
> Ah, yes. Later question.
> Thanks for looking at this!
>  <:-)

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