Thank you Mark the geo apk works for me. 

I had already allowed location permissions to the previous version so can't say 
if it prompts for location or not. No prompts popped up anyway.

The wiki does now receive location info and acquires geo points via the geoloc 
macro and displays maps via leaflet. All working.

Thanks very much once again. I can't point you to the geoloc macro but it's on 
the forum. I installed it a long time ago and it was quite a challenge to get 
it working but it does work very well for me now. I would caution anyone 
experimenting to try it on empty test wikis first though, the version I used 
had a tendency to permanently lock up your wiki if everything wasn't exactly 
right. Maybe it's been updated since then.

It works on Quinoid for me now - great stuff!

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