On Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 5:18:20 PM UTC+2, Jeremy Ruston wrote:

> If I understand the proposal correctly, the idea is that one could type 
> multiline fields into the main textarea of a tiddler with the following 
> syntax:
> \field my-field
> Paragraph 1
> Paragraph 2
> \end

> Then, when the user saves the tiddler, the content of the textarea is 
> parsed, the field value(s) extracted and saved into the tiddler in the 
> usual way. I’m assuming that the field pragma wouldn’t be replicated in the 
> text field as well as the specified field?

I don't want to store the content 2 times. So the permanent storage would 
be the text area. ... The wiki-store json format may only contain a 
reference, where to find the content. .... 

.tid file may look something like this 

title: test-tiddler
tags: a b c d
my-field: @@@my-field

\field my-field(type:binary)

or something similar. .. Hoping that nobody starts field content with 3 @ :)

If a tiddler is saved, the fields are parsed and stored into the internal 
tiddler store. ... 

The textarea as a permanent store is needed, since the field content needs 
to survive a store-to-html / reload round-trip, which is the main problem 

> Conversely, when initiating editing a tiddler, multiline fields are 
> prepended to the text of the tiddler and placed in the textarea.


> If I’ve got that right, my first thought is that the idea of a process to 
> convert a tiddler back and forth to a single textarea representation is 
> interesting, and doesn’t present any particular issues if it’s just a UI 
> thing.

I think, it's not an UI thing only, since multi line fields need to survive 
the save/reload roundtrip with HTML and the .tid file format.

> Re-using the pragma syntax is confusing because this “parsing” is nothing 
> to do with the main wikitext parser; perhaps it would be clearer to use an 
> extended .tid file syntax.

I'm sorry about this. ... I just wanted to point out. that there is some 
code, that can read the existing \define ... pragma. ... So it will be easy 
to create _new_ code the can parse the multi line definitions. ... No 
reusing of the existing mechanism involved. 

have fun!

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