On Friday, May 10, 2019 at 6:23:37 AM UTC+2, Reece Shaw wrote:
> Hey y'all, RK from the discord.


If I want to display the text of a user field (say, user-defined-field) 
> *and* format it I have to then workaround by somehow editing Tiddler1 's 
> user-defined-field while also making sure to avoid using $edit-text in a 
> manner that would cause the re-rendering issue. 

That's a problem of browser UI focus handling. There are 3 github PR 
<https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/pull/3747>s that try to address 
this issue. There is an EXPERIMENTAL test version at tiddlyspot too: 
http://refocusing-inputs.tiddlyspot.com/ ... It allows you to edit the 
"currentTiddler" ...


> For a user that wants to build a UI that's a complete headache. There's a 
> lot to be said for the ability to have a multi-line field that is directly 
> attached to the tiddler itself and not as a sub-tiddler
>    1. User defined fields, when made multi-line would not impact core
> That's not true. They would have been implemented already, if it wouldn't 
be a problem. 

>    1. We already have the capability to embed multi-line fields into a 
>    tiddler, we just have to use a workaround
> The problem is, that it also needs to work with the .tid file format. 
Which probably isn't the case for the workarounds. I don't know the 
workarounds, so I'm not sure here. 

>    1. list filters would become less complex when displaying multiple 
>    pieces of data linked to a single tiddler provided the user wishes to have 
>    multiple formatted fields
> I'm not sure, what this means. 

> I am also of the opinion that organizationally multi-line fields are 
> easier to manage. I know it's a personal preference or opinion but 
> sometimes I have trouble navigating particularly long list fields because 
> the data I want to manipulate, change or reorganize might be over 100 
> characters in. Some list fields when manually reorganizing can become 
> cumbersome, and this would help alleviate some of that as well.

There are a lot of different views, about, how to work with TW. ... Most of 
the time, it is highly depending on the user preferences and the actual 
use-case. ... We don't have a solution atm. ... 

That's the reason for this thread. I thought the format explained in the OP 
should be OK for users and it should be possible to implement it, with an 
acceptable amount of work. 

> In an ideal world I would love if a multi-line-field indicator was just a 
> checkbox next to the indicated field in edit mode. Then, we can default all 
> field editing to single line fields unless the user specifies otherwise. 
> There's a ton of untapped design space therein that can prevent the need 
> for "hacky" workarounds like users trying to over-utilize subtiddlers or 
> creating custom UIs.

That's an implementation detail, that should be doable. 

have fun!

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