> Hi A Gloom, I'm the creator of tiddlywiki5.tiddlyspot.com (...not of 
> tiddlyspot itself). 

Thank you for the quick reply, I saw you fielding questions in earlier 
posts about tiddlyspot problems, so I'm glad you notices my post : )

(this has nothing to do with the controlpanel tiddler in a TW)

The control panel for tiddlyspot, I figured

> If you cannot log in there, then that site ID was either already taken or 
> you have somehow messed up with the password and are not using the same one 
> that you registered with. If you cannot access then there is nothing that 
> can be done and you should create another tiddlyspot with another site ID.

I was able to get into control panel with the same pw I was using in Step 2 
(I've been sopying n pasting from a text file to avoid typing errors-- u 
use convulted pw's)
the control panel shows no email set and the creation date/time when I 
created the account-- Step 1 on the tiddlywiki5.tiddlyspot site but the 
file size (400 kb) looks like TWC not 5.1.19

I shall try again with FF with another id, then maybe try with TWDesktop, 
not interested in installing Chrome-- I hope TWDesktop uses Windows High 
Contrast Black

or... in a previous post it looked like I could overwrite the TWC with my 
local TW5 file?

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