Thanks all for you answers.

I see how I can control this now. I am interested for example in having two 
lots of config tiddlers ((plugins with the same tiddlers with different 
values) and providing a way to "toggle" between them. Other uses include 
alternative datasets and test data. Use the small set for design then the 
second for more exhaustive testing, and the ability to toggle.

The fact is that the possibility of an edited shadow overriding both, has 
both merits and complications. Perhaps I can build into the plugins the 
means by which to activate and deactivate each other including removing any 
matching edited tiddlers. After all in this case we thats what we want, to 
disable any override and establish a new epoch.

This prompts me to ask if it makes sense to add to the plugin delete or 
deactivation processes an option to clean up?

I imagine in some cases a tiddlywiki used for experimentation could be full 
of unwanted plugin tiddlers that changed while installed, due to a 
configuration setting or customisation.

Another idea is to access the subtiddlers in a selected plugin (one of two) 
and copy them to the edited tiddler when toggling the settings. Thus the 
latest will be the last plugin source used to create the edited tiddlers. 
This could be a general button on any plugin tiddler (or built into the 
plugin settings), copy all shadows to tiddlers, along with a button to 
clean up such edited tiddlers.


On Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 1:46:33 PM UTC+11, TonyM wrote:
> Folks
> Could someone with an understanding of plugins and shadow tiddlers 
> possibly explain what happens in the following circumstance and do I have 
> any control over it?
> Keep in mind with the pre-release reload will not be necessary for all 
> plugins.
> Lets say I have a core tiddler which is a shadow
> Now I install "plugin one" which has a copy of that same tiddler
> Then I install "plugin two" which also has a copy of that same tiddler 
>    - Is there a way to explain the resulting behaviour?
>    - Also on editing the original tiddler I believe it will retain the 
>    edited version no matter which plugin or core is installed
>    - What happens if I disable one or both plugins?
>    - What happens if I have the same (not core tiddler) in the two 
>    plugins?
> Some guidance would be greatly appreciated, I have not being able to gleen 
> this from the existing documentation.
> Thanks in Advance
> Tony

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