Hi Tony

> Don't take this too seriously, but I discovered a plugin is a plugin by 
> virtue of having the plugin-type field and by using another value in the 
> field than the defined ones, one miraculously creates a new plugin type.

I thought I had documented that, perhaps in the PR? It’s not yet clear when we 
would want to establish new types.

> Add a tab to $:/core/ui/ControlPanel/Plugins to list them (containing 
> `<<plugin-table newtype>>`) and you can even manage them.
> Unfortunately there is no tag for plugin tabs so I must modify 
> $:/core/ui/ControlPanel/Plugins

It would certainly make sense to make those tabs be tag-driven.

> Perhaps I could provide a config plugin type which adds some buttons to 
> control the toggling of alternative configurations.

Why wouldn’t that be an ordinary plugin?

Best wishes


> Regards
> Tony
> On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 11:42:13 PM UTC+11, TonyM wrote:
> Thanks all for you answers.
> I see how I can control this now. I am interested for example in having two 
> lots of config tiddlers ((plugins with the same tiddlers with different 
> values) and providing a way to "toggle" between them. Other uses include 
> alternative datasets and test data. Use the small set for design then the 
> second for more exhaustive testing, and the ability to toggle.
> The fact is that the possibility of an edited shadow overriding both, has 
> both merits and complications. Perhaps I can build into the plugins the means 
> by which to activate and deactivate each other including removing any 
> matching edited tiddlers. After all in this case we thats what we want, to 
> disable any override and establish a new epoch.
> This prompts me to ask if it makes sense to add to the plugin delete or 
> deactivation processes an option to clean up?
> I imagine in some cases a tiddlywiki used for experimentation could be full 
> of unwanted plugin tiddlers that changed while installed, due to a 
> configuration setting or customisation.
> Another idea is to access the subtiddlers in a selected plugin (one of two) 
> and copy them to the edited tiddler when toggling the settings. Thus the 
> latest will be the last plugin source used to create the edited tiddlers. 
> This could be a general button on any plugin tiddler (or built into the 
> plugin settings), copy all shadows to tiddlers, along with a button to clean 
> up such edited tiddlers.
> Thanks
> Tony
> On Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 1:46:33 PM UTC+11, TonyM wrote:
> Folks
> Could someone with an understanding of plugins and shadow tiddlers possibly 
> explain what happens in the following circumstance and do I have any control 
> over it?
> Keep in mind with the pre-release reload will not be necessary for all 
> plugins.
> Lets say I have a core tiddler which is a shadow
> Now I install "plugin one" which has a copy of that same tiddler
> Then I install "plugin two" which also has a copy of that same tiddler 
> Is there a way to explain the resulting behaviour?
> Also on editing the original tiddler I believe it will retain the edited 
> version no matter which plugin or core is installed
> What happens if I disable one or both plugins?
> What happens if I have the same (not core tiddler) in the two plugins?
> Some guidance would be greatly appreciated, I have not being able to gleen 
> this from the existing documentation.
> Thanks in Advance
> Tony
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