Joshuas answer is good, even if it's "teaching a man to fish". Just to 
clarify one thing he wrote:

In order to explain this, we should examine the {{tiddlerName!!field}} 
> syntax. This "wiki syntax" is actually shorthand for two Widgets. Widgets 
> in tiddlywiki are HTML-like entities that you can use to render content, 
> change tiddler/field value, etc. The shorthand is expanded to the 
> equivalent of:
> <$tiddler tiddler="tiddlerName">
> <$transclude field="field" />
> </$tiddler>

"shorthand syntax" for transclusion refers to the {{...}} syntax. 
Analogously the shorthand for macro calls is "<<...>>".

The expanded syntax for translcusion could also be written:

<$transclude tiddler="my tiddler" field=field/>

i.e instead of setting the "environment" with $tiddler, you can specify 
which tiddler inside the $transclude widget.

For i=1 to 5 see


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