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> Maybe I did not get anything. I thought that the parameter 
> remoteResize=0 will skip that functionality. And I have implemented 
> additionally the parameter localScaling=1 for the scaling topic. So I 
> have made simply an additional checkbox in the optins->screen tab. I 
> think one has to be able to enable just one or the other, but even both 
> enabled seems to be operational at the logical end, because remote 
> resize simply wins. But this might be not the case on other platforms.

Hmm... Or it is doing both but depending on the latency you'll
see more or less of the scaling. I.e. it will scale up until it gets a
response back from the server that the resize has happened. Might be
prudent to restrict things to either or. And in that case the UI should
probably be radio boxes, or a combo box.

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