I sure would like a WWVB BPSK receiver for the new modulation. The processing gains described in the paper John Seamons linked describes processing gains that are tens of dB above what's possible with the old AM data format. John has also measures the experimental phase modulation testing, see: http://www.jks.com/wwvb/wwvb.html
The WWB paper "New Improved System for WWVB Broadcast" given at the 43rd PTTI 
November 2011 is at:  http://jks.com/wwvb.pdf

Part of the processing gain comes directly from the BPSK modulation and that amounts to a little over 10 dB improvement, but there's a further 18 dB gain to be had by accumulating an hours worth of data and processing that.

I'm sure in time there will be plenty of low cost ICs designed to receive the new signal, but my guess is that many Time Nuts would like to be in on the ground floor. Also NIST probably would like to get reports on the new signal when they do test transmissions.

How to move forward?

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

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