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Marek Peca <ma...@duch.cz> wrote:

> Of course I mean it should pick your 60kHz, as well as other systems known to 
> me: Japanese 40kHz, 60kHz, Swiss 75kHz, British 60kHz and possibly others. 
> Highly unsure about Russian 25kHz, even do not know, whether it is still on 
> air.

HBG has been switched of earlier this year. So DCF77 and Alison are the
only time LF senders left in continental europe.

> 1. first, deliver simple USB audio sampling unit with 77.5kHz-proven ferrite 
> rod preamplifier, ready to work with 40..80kHz signals at least;
> every processing within PC / Gnuradio framework;

After the discussion here, i had a similar idea. I want to use the
STM32F4xx for something bigger and bought two discovery boards to get
used to them. But i didn't know what i want to do... it should be something
usefull.. at least half way usefull. And the discussion here prodded
me that i could do a SDR DCF77 with that. A 160MHz 32bit uC with hardware
single precision floatingpoint is way more than fast enough to handle that :-)

If i've time, i sketch the HW this weekend and build it as soon as i've
time... And then it's just software :-)

                        Attila Kinali

Why does it take years to find the answers to
the questions one should have asked long ago?

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