Don, you are absolutely correct, Dana is in Indiana and not Illinois.

Austron offered a model 2084 LF Multicoupler, with 1 antenna input and 4 outputs. Could be AC or DC powered, with peak and spherics indicator lamps, and 8 each tunable notch filters from 70 thru 130 KHz that can be individually switched inline or out.

I should be able to take the FS700 Loran-C (RF) front panel output, feed the multicoupler,
then feed a Austron 2100F and the 2100 to monitor other GRIs.
Just have to find my notes on how to set up the older RXs.

I had lock onto 89700 microsecond GRI overnight and using the internal FS700 phase meter I got as low as 3E-13 for delta frequency between the Loran-C and the T'Bolt GPS/DO.
I am locked onto the Seneca, NY station.

Stan, W1LE    Cape Cod   FN41sr

If I am not mistaken Dana is not in Illinois it is in Indiana.
Still receiving at 2200 hrs local.


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