After re-working the lab I have my Z3801A in, I realized there's no windows
computers left anywhere near there. Is there any monitoring software that will run on my 16.04 Ubuntu Linux machines? I have the Z3801A with an external antenna, that drives a 10Mhz distribution amp for optional external references around the lab. I don't have anything looking at it, however, so I am not sure if that is actually correcting the GPSDO or I am seeing the raw oscillator, which si pretty good by itself. The other shop counters have externally NIST-cal'd hp 10811A's in them, so they are pretty accurate anyway, but I am curious to know the real story.

I also have a re-cycled rubidium module and ovenized oscillator cal'd to NIST in tandem as another check source I put together this year. I'm just looking for external validation of those last few figures. I guess that is an occupational problem of having too many sources and counters, one is never really totally certain. kind of a local quantum cloud of measurement uncertainty.

I was able to get those surplus DeLorme GPS pucks running under Ubuntu, I ran VMware to host an XP install, then tracked down the XP-only serial emulator needed to read the USB puck interface, and ta-da, it works. Hideously complicated way to see if they were good, but I was curious to know. No VMware in that lab, however, so looking for a native app to read the Z3801A

any useful Z3801A software suggestions appreciated,
all the best,

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