http://bit.ly/2hGKTgX    That goes to:-


There are dozens of URL shortening tools that can be used via a web page.

Dave B

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>> My apologies for the long link.
> Try this instead:
> https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2017/08/07/cyberattacks-on-gps-leave-ships-sailing-in-dangerous-waters
> Often when you see a long URL, or one full of strange numbers, it's encoded 
> or encrypted personal tracking information. In this and many cases it's safe 
> to delete everything that's part of the utm_source= keyword [1] and try again 
> before you cut/paste the URL into a posting for time-nuts. Not only does it 
> make the URL short and readable, but it also prevents your personal tracking 
> information from being leaked to the mailing list and permanently to the web.

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