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Dave B via time-nuts wrote:

http://bit.ly/2hGKTgX    That goes to:-
There are 2 problems I see with this kind of link:

1.) A user doesn't see where the link takes him before he has clicked on
the link, so he can easily be taken to a "bad" web site.
Bitly has a feature to preview the link destination.
For example, for http://bit.ly/2hGKTgX add a plus character http://bit.ly/2hGKTgX+

You get this information with the + version of the link:

Cyberattacks on GPS leave ships sailing in dangerous waters – Naked Security


Info copied from Bit.ly web site FAQ.

There were some "preview shortened link" sites, but you'd have to trust one of those to use that approach.

When I have a link like this I wish to expand, I use linux command line / curses browser lynx. No way to infect anything with it, and view all the indirections as they pop up.

I agree, I seldom bother with the current malware / security environment, better to do that than risk it. And I always tell anyone who asks me for advise as you do, skip it, unless you really know what you are doing, or you will get pawned.

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