I have a small side task, where I need to design a PLL system
As it is a bit non-conventional, I am not confident that my
pen and paper analysis is correct and the usuall tool I use
(Analog's ADPLLsim) doesn't cover it. So my first thought
was to use spice to simulate the loop. But I am not sure
how the non-linear effects of the PLL, the divider chains etc
affect the whole system and whether a spice simulation (which
would use a linear approximation of a few components) would
model the system faithfully. Not to mention that this would
be only valid simulation of the locked state and anything
that involves the PLL being unlocked (initial lock in process,
large phase and frequency jumps that cause unlocks) cannot
be handled at all. Neither would it give me a proper estimate
of the noise propagation through the system.

So, is there any canonical way how to simulate PLLs?
If yes, what should I read? (My google foo didn't return
anything helpful).

Thanks in advance

                        Attila Kinali

It is upon moral qualities that a society is ultimately founded. All 
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use without that foundation.
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