Hallo, aku mardiah(l-12), mas tenno tadi aku register ke communituy
zero, udah jadi register e-mail di [EMAIL PROTECTED], teru pas
mau masuk ke tl-its, koq bingung yo, caranepiye rek......

Tenno Singgalang wrote:

> Please joint, and add your biodata..thx Pals...
> Your invitation to join:
> "Teknik Lingkungan ITS"
> http://www.communityzero.com/tl-its/index.cfm?key=615-XTZ
> After clicking on the above link you will see the community's
> welcome page.  Click the 'JOIN THIS COMMUNITY' link found on
> the center of the welcome page.
> Your invitation key is: 615-XTZ
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