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> Hi Nalini,
> вт, 13 мар. 2018 г., 11:59 nalini elkins <nalini.elk...@e-dco.com>:    
> The TLS working group has been concentrating on making the Internet secure 
> for the individual user.    We feel that there is also an underlying 
> motivation to help the underdog and protect the political dissident.
> This isn't about dissidents, this is all about the proper design.
> This ID helps explain the situation and subsequent need.  If you haven’t had 
> a chance to read it yet, please try to do it before the London meeting. 
> https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-fenter-tls-decryption/
> I've read this document and have already proposed spawning a separate thread 
> discussing that before we'll land in London. Probably even before the agenda 
> will be confirmed. Or even better, discussing draft-fenter there instead of 
> draft-rhrd.
> IMO draft-fenter is much more important, because it is a problem statement, 
> and it's better to settle on a problem statement before discussing solution 
> which is "tls visibility". And, for me, personally, the problem statement in 
> draft-fenter is not convincing.

I meant to answer your question: draft-fenter is referred to in Russ’s slides 
it’s not specifically on the agenda.  The chairs have seen the slides you 
haven’t yet (Russ gets a gold start for submitting slides early).

This is not the first time the topic (both the motivations and solutions) has 
been discussed.  This time tracks back to IETF 97.  You can find the 
presentation somewhere on the TLS row:
There was also some discussion in Prague, which can found somewhere near the 
TLS row at:

There have also been hundreds of message related to this topic that you can 
search for on the list to get a sense (use the search tool with something like 
“datacenter" OR "Data Center" OR draft-green OR RHRD OR draft-rhrd OR "Industry 

I hope that folks who come to the session will take the time to review the 
previous discussion. 


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