*   I am happy to set up an informal session where all can meet and talk 
quietly.   Not everyone will be there on Sunday but maybe Monday breakfast or 
during a break?  Just let me know if you are interested & we can make intros.

I won’t be there (health issues), but I’ve already turned down such private 
invites before.

Standing up in front of a WG and talking about unpopular topics is hard.  As 
Richard said, kudo’s to USBank (and a BCBS org) for doing so.  But if you’re 
not willing to do the hard work, then you don’t get to have the IETF address 
your concerns.

I remember saying before that I firmly believe that the main, and unstated, 
reason for wanting an IETF RFC on this is so that would-be customers can point 
to vendors and ask for a common solution at a lower price because the ability 
is now commoditized.  With all due respect to the people involved, I believe 
that is still the case.

I have heard concerns that it is necessary to have a “speedy” solution. Again, 
I strongly disagree with this. The standard organizations haven’t even made TLS 
1.0 illegal yet, as I said last time.  What makes you think that something is 
needed in under five years?  I asked that question before, too.

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